Journalists from all sectors of the media and press agencies (print, online, radio, TV) are welcome to report on the 2016 ISTP. Accreditation for the summit is free of charge in principle. Please note that travel and accommodation costs for journalists are not covered by the host.

Please contact for accreditation.

Private functions such as evening events, get-together events etc. are only open at the personal invitation of the organiser. The organiser reserves the right to decide on any accreditation.

Requirements for accreditation

1. Documented affiliation to an editorial team


2. Work as a freelance journalist that is evidenced by a valid press card and details of the publications, station etc. that are represented at the event and through whom the report is made. Confirmation by the commissioning editorial office should be presented upon request.

Furthermore, the organiser reserves the right to further verification of the proof of work as a journalist, even if a press card has been submitted. The credentials should be submitted in either German or English. In individual cases, the organiser reserves the right to also demand submission of a valid identity card or passport with a photo. There is no entitlement to accreditation. If necessary, the organiser will exercise his property rights.

Service for accredited journalists

Accredited journalists will be provided with additional information from both the organiser and their partners within the scope of their work. Wi-Fi access at the venue will be provided depending on availability.